5 online tools and apps to ditch the paper and get organized

Ready to take care of the environment while you get more organized on your business?

Yes, you can do both at the same time! A few weeks ago it was #EarthDay and I shared this on my social media channels:


#EarthDay 🌍 I’m trying to improve my life in lots of different ways. One of them is living a more sustainable, environment-friendly lifestyle. There’s a lot of things we can do. Recycle. Use apps or online tools instead of paper (I may write a blog post about this). Buy less plastic. Use a menstrual cup — and no, I don’t care what you think about my feminine hygiene, it’s just another way to reduce waste (and also to be more gentle with our bodies). But there’s a lot more I want to do. Buy sustainable fashion. Eat organic. Use cruelty-free cosmetics. All of us can contribute in a way or another. For example, did you hear of @ecosiaorg? It’s a search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue — go give it a try! 🌍 PLEASE CARE ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT — WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLANET EARTH 🌍

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So as promised, I’m going to share with you my favorite apps and online tools.


5 online tools and apps to ditch the paper and get organized


Ditch the paper and get organized | A list of online tools and apps for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Stay organized while you take care of the environment using less paper!



You can’t miss this one if you are a freelancer! Dubsado is an online client management system that allows you to keep your projects organized. Send contracts via email that your client can sign online — no need to print anything!

You can also send invoices (so your clients can easily make online payments with card), questionnaires, save templates, workflows, manage your accounting… It’s a must! Plus, they have an amazing and kind support staff, and they’re constantly working to improve the features.

You can try it for free (up to 3 clients) and then it’s $ 20 monthly or $ 200 per year if you chose the annual plan (they also have a really interesting forever plan!)

Good news, I have a discount code for you! Just enter the code elenagraphica when subscribing.



I love Trello so much! I keep discovering more and more uses. The main way I use it is as an editorial calendar for this blog, but you can use it for a lot of different purposes at the same time, because you can create a board for each project: homework, freelance projects, housekeeping, even meal planning!

It also allows creating group boards, what makes it another great tool for freelancers (and even for learning purposes or family organization!)

Since it kind of feels a bit overwhelming at first sight with all those boards, lists, cards, labels… I’m thinking of doing a tutorial to set it up as an editorial calendar for your blog! Once you know how it works it’s really easy, I promise (I won’t use it if it wasn’t! After all, those tools are made to simplify our lives).



Todoist is an amazing app to track your daily tasks. It’s really easy to use but it has lots of features that allow you to organize your pending tasks by project, date and even by priority. I recently replaced my paper notebook with Todoist and I couldn’t love it more! No more chunks of paper and notebooks with long to-do lists cluttering my desk. I also love that it syncs on all my devices.

There’s a paid version with more features, but truth is, I didn’t try it yet. I think the free version is already amazing!


Google Calendar

Who doesn’t already know Google Calendar? Replace your wall calendar with this one. I love its look and feel — ok I must confess I’m an overall Google lover! I also like the facts that 1. it doesn’t require to create another account (seriously, in how many sites do we sing up throughout our lives?), and 2. it also syncs on all your devices. You can use it to keep track of doctor appointments, friend and family birthdays, planned trips…


Google Keep

After trying lots of note apps, my favorite is definitely Google Keep (you see, another Google product!). I use it to take random notes on my phone or on my laptop: writing ideas on the go, shopping lists… I also have a note with the hashtags I usually use on Instagram so I can quickly copy and paste them. And you can pin the important notes to the top!


And last but not least…

Please don’t forget to check out Ecosia if you want to help reforestation by doing something we do every single day, searching on the Internet! It’s a search engine based in Berlin, Germany, that invests the 80% of its ad revenue towards planting trees around the globe (they collaborate with WeForest). You can add it to your browser (Chrome | Firefox) and use it on your phone (Android | iOS). Find more info on how they work here.


Tell me about your favorite organization / work tools in the comments below! 😊


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