Brand reveal — Crooked Seamz

I’m more than excited to finally show you the brand identity for Crooked Seamz — a handmade quilt and home decor shop — and its process!

Not only I had a lot of fun during the whole brand development, but I also love how the final logo and overall brand turned out. I hope you love it as much as I do!


Brand reveal: Crooked Seamz | Branding project by Elena Sánchez · https://elenagraphica.com | Logo concept and developing, logo versions, color palette, typefaces, pattern and social media profile pics and banners.



During the past two months, I’ve got the chance to work with Shiloh, an amazingly creative and kind woman. She’s the owner of Crooked Seamz, an Etsy shop where she sells handmade quilts created with upcycled denim, stuffed toys of whales (and maybe other endangered animals in the future), and more home decor items.


Brand goal

Shiloh wanted to reach both women and men, people with a love for good quality work. Her ideal customer finds value in uniqueness, cares about the environment and has strong family bonds. She wanted to have a purpose behind every choice of color and typeface and to achieve a cohesive look through all her channels and activity.


Initial concepts


Initial concepts for Crooked Seamz. Brand development by Elena Sánchez · https://elenagraphica.com


1. A classic typeface accompanied by a pair of hands, to show the traditional concept behind handcrafted goods. This was one of my favorite concepts (I love drawing hands lately and I loved that delicate look).

2. A geometric leaf to show the brand’s love and care for nature. That logo offered the possibility to create an amazing seamless pattern with its leave icon.

3. A more natural-looking and delicate leaf icon. This concept is actually the same as the previous one, but with a different approach in terms of aesthetic, perhaps more traditional.


Final brand


Crooked Seamz brand concept. C and S monogram + whale icon. Branding concept by Elena Sánchez · https://elenagraphica.com


Despite not wanting a “nautical themed” brand at first, this concept pleased us so much that we finally went for it. I mean, creating a monogram with the business initials that looked like a tiny, cute whale? How clever is that? After all, the main feature Shiloh wanted on her brand was purpose. This summed up everything: the nature-concerned and the creative sides of her business altogether.


Brand colors and fonts for Crooked Seamz. Brand development by Elena Sánchez · https://elenagraphica.com


Shiloh came with a well-defined color palette already in mind, but was far from restraining my creative process. I love the colors she chose, and combining those deep and rich blues with a pop of yellow made so happy the color obsessed in me!


Pairing the ornamented whale icon with a geometric sans serif gave the whole logo a more modern look without altering its essence and meaning.


Brand facebook mockup for Crooked Seamz · Branding project by Elena Sánchez · https://elenagraphica.com


This is one of the projects I’m more proud of, I love the concept and I love being able to help small and family businesses, even more when they’re committed to the environment!


Congrats on your new brand, Shiloh!

You can check out her work (and see the brand in action!) on her Etsy shop or on her Facebook page!