How to create a branded email signature + FREE template!

Why is having a clickable branded signature on your business email so important?


If you’re a new online business owner I’m sure you’re already following anyone on your same niche to see how they do everything. And I’m also sure you couldn’t help to notice the pretty, branded, clickable email signature everyone seems to use! You know, the ones with their website link and social media icons that actually work as links too.


Download my FREE template and create a branded, clickable email signature for your business email. Free template + step-by-step tutorial.


How and why create a branded + clickable email signature


So, it’s important that people can click on the links. You wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity to drive someone to your website or social media, would you? That means that you can’t use an image as a signature. You need an HTML signature!


If you are wondering how the heck you can do it, I have two good news! 1. It’s easier than you think and 2. here I have an awesome step-by-step tutorial. To make things even easier for you, I’ve put together a simple template you can download for FREE!


Click here to grab your FREE Email Signature Template!


Before we begin, some quick tips:

  • Keep it short. A signature is not something for reading (we already have the proper email for that), so all the info should display at a glance. I’ve added too much info to the template, only so you can choose what to display and what not, depending on your needs!
  • Don’t use too many images. I’ve also added a ton of social media icons so you have the option to chose the ones you use, but I’d stick with 4 maximum.
  • Avoid adding your email address. The receiver already has your address if you sent him/her an email!


How to edit my FREE HTML email signature template


I’ve created this template for you based on my own email signature! I’ve added some extra things so it can be suitable for everyone. This is how the template looks at first:


Grab my FREE email signature template!


1. Open the template in a text editor

You can use the default text editor on your computer. No need to have any fancy software!

If you are using Windows, that would be the Windows Notepad. If you are using OS, it would be TextEdit.


2. In the code, replace with your own info

Change your name, your copy, your contact info and the links to your website and social media!

Be careful and don’t delete any HTML tag or any quotation marks. They’re necessary!

You can also replace the “Please consider the environment” text at the end with your own text, legal text, or remove it or just keep it! It’s up to you.

In the following image I’ve highlighted the texts you should replace with your own (I only show one of the social media icons because they’re basically all the same):


Replace with your own info


3. Upload your images to your blog or website.

If you don’t, they won’t be online so other people won’t see them in their email.

For example, if you are using WordPress, upload the images to media like you do normally.

You can use the social media icons I provide you, or download other that you prefer — there are tons of free icon packs on the Internet!


4. Replace with your images URL

To find out the URL of an image on WordPress, go to Media, click on the desired image, and copy the URL box.


Where to find the URL of an uploaded image on WordPress


Then paste it in the correct place, after the img src tag!


Replace the src with the url of your uploaded images


5. Change the colors and fonts

You can also use your brand’s font and colors by changing this:


Change the colors and fonts of my FREE email signature template


Remember to keep the “sans-serif” (or “serif” depending on what fonts you use) at the end. That way, if a browser doesn’t recognize your font, it will display a default font.


How to insert your signature into your email

1. Save the document in .html format.

2. Open the HTML file in your browser.

3. Select all and copy.

4. Go to the settings of your email and find the signature option. If you are using Gmail, go to Settings > General > Signature.

5. Paste there your signature. Done!


I hope this tutorial has helped you! Let me know how it goes for you. Don’t forget to download the free template, and show me how you customized it to make your own email signature!


Click here to grab your FREE Email Signature Template!