How can I help you?

If you...

  • Work on a creative job: photography, architecture, cooking, fashion industry, interior design, event planning...
  • Have a blog and you want it to be your full-time job.
  • Don't have a defined brand or you do have one but you kind of feel like it needs a refresh.
  • Have a taste for things well done and you are passionate about your job.

... then you are in the right place!

Design for social media

Creating a cohesive feed on all your social media that reflects your brand motto is essential for attracting the right customers.

But how can you do that? I can help in two ways:

  • I can design for you the images for your posts, whether they are for your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook (flat monthly fee)
  • Or I can create a style guide for your brand and give it to you with templates and tutorials so you can DIY your post images (single payment)



What is included in branding? Logo design and brand styling (color palette, typefaces, textures or patterns...) + basic stationery and business cards.

Everything must work together and communicate your brand's style and x, and your personality. Defining your brand's aim and assets is the first step.

Your brand is not just a logo! Every single graphic element should help you reach your target audience and deliver them your message.

WordPress website design

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the world, and no wonder why! It's the best option if you want a simple but effective, clean, responsive website. Whether you need a portfolio to show your work, the blog of your dreams or simply to display your services, WordPress is the right choice! 

Brand refresh

Maybe you already have a logo and you like it. But maybe you feel a little bit down about your brand, and you don't know how to give that cool look to your graphics.

We can work together to give your brand a fresh start. Refreshing your old logo might be a solution, but I also can design accent elements for you to use on your graphics. Another option is to give you a style guide so your brand stays cohesive through different medias.