Hi! If you’re reading this, chances are you already know me. Or maybe you have a blog or an online creative business, which is great!

But first of all, let me introduce myself.


Elena Sánchez, freelance graphic designer behind elenagraphica.com blog
My dog Piña (Pineapple in Spanish) and me 🙂


My name is Elena Sánchez and I live in a tiny province in the north of Spain called Asturias. I’m a freelance graphic designer with a focus on social media and online businesses. I want to help creative entrepreneurs and bloggers to achieve their dreams by supplying their business with professional-looking graphics that go with their style, goals and target audience. You can read more about my services here, or take a look at my portfolio to check out my previous work.

Who can benefit from my services? Other designers (e.g. fashion, industrial or interior designers), photographers, stylists, actors, theater or cinema companies, architects, event or wedding planners, chefs with a creative approach to cooking… As well as online entrepreneurs and bloggers or vloggers in any topic!

I also have a shop on Creative Market called Graphica Studio, where I sell templates for social media and blogs. If you’re looking for something cheap that you can DIY, go take a look!


In this blog, I’ll be writing about graphic design focused on digital media. I’ll be doing step-by-step tutorials and how-to’s, I’ll show you my new works and I’ll share with you some freebies!


Where to find me

You can drop me an email, or write me at my Facebook page, Instagram or Linkedin. Please don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to ask for budget, or simply say hi. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

I have Pinterest too, where I pin lots of inspiration and information about related subjects. I’ll be pinning my own posts there too so you don’t miss anything!


Whatever the reason you’re reading this, I hope you stay with me on this adventure. Stay tuned!